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„Duets“ beinhaltet elf Titel des Debüt-Albums „The day will come“ sowie einen Titel der ersten Veröffentlichung „Vivre“, diesmal als Versionen für Geige und Klavier. Musik für diese Instrumente hat bekanntlich eine lange Tradition. Auf unserem Album „Duets“ sind Stücke, die das Wissen um die Musikgeschichte in sich tragen, jedoch aus der Gegenwart kommen.

Mit kammermusikalischem Klang wird eine Synthese aus Elementen des Pop und polyfoner Dichte geschaffen. Das führt zu einem neuen musikalischen Stil, den wir als „Chamber Pop“ bezeichnen. Die Erneuerung beginnt schon bei der Entstehung der Stücke: das Duo „The City Substrings“ ist eine Band mit klassischen Instrumenten, also eine „Musik schaffende Gruppe“, für welche es die Trennung zwischen Komposition und Interpretation, d.h. zwischen Idee, Ausführung und Produktion nicht gibt. Durch diese Einheit wird unsere Instrumentalmusik zu einer unmittelbaren Ausdruckssprache, zum momentanen Sein im Hier und Jetzt.

“Duets” includes eleven tracks from the debut album “The Day Will Come”, as well as one from the initial release “Vivre” in the form of arrangements for violin and piano. There is of course a long tradition of music composed for these instruments. The pieces on our album “Duets” embody a knowledge of the history of music, albeit with roots in the present.

The chamber music sound achieved is a synthesis of elements from pop and polyphonic density. The result is a new musical style, which we have dubbed “Chamber Pop”. The sense of renewal begins with the creation of the pieces concerned: the duo “The City Substrings” is a band equipped with classical instruments, i.e. “a group that creates music”, for whom there is no separation between composition and interpretation, or between concept, design and production. This unity converts our instrumental music into an immediate language of expression concerned with the actual here and now.

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It is well-known that instrumental music has no lyrics because it emphasises emotions which cannot be expressed in words: like tone poetry. Then how can this be described in words?  

The development of The City Substrings has a long history: a journey of discovery through musical landscapes, from chamber music and symphonies, to rock, electronic dance music and other regions of the pop cosmos. At some point I noticed that the violin as a thread running through my personal music history was not granted a presence anywhere in pop music as I had thought. I mean ‘pop music’ in a broad sense here: the ‘song’ is always the central element and then meets the ‘classical’ elements such as polyphony, variations and development. So I began to compose songs for string instruments, guitar and bass and recorded them solo, track by track. Anna led the entire production; that is revising the pieces and mixing. She also wrote the piano arrangements for the duet versions of the pieces. In the second ensemble we take to the stage. The music moves between chamber music and pop, we call it chamber pop, songs without words, voyages into a haven.    Tobias Hett



» It’s not folk, not pop, not jazz and not classical – it’s a bit of everything! The music of the Berlin project "The City Substrings" comes from those unimaginable domains, where multifaceted musicians with clear minds simply create something beautiful.  Little chamber music songs, without text, without cross-over pomp. Self-sufficient melodies which appear and disappear.«  

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Besides making recordings for artists and bands such as Julia Hummer, Guther, Masha Qrella, Surf, die Türen, Noel and Contriva, I have also contributed as a tour guitarist for the band Mina and then as a guest musician on the viola with Kings of Convenience. I also played in a string quartet and symphony concerts with different orchestras. The City Substrings is the first time I have released my own pieces, which have been produced together with the pianist Anna Herbst.       Tobias Hett  


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*   two pieces for string instruments and guitar

*   two pieces for violin and piano